Where ? : Amazon

Price : $26.99

Today I’ll be reviewing a wireless charger for my Apple watch from a company called OPSO. It took a while for it to get around the market but it’s now possible to get Apple Watch charger from somewhere other than an Apple Store. The cable that came with the charger seems to be same or maybe of better quality than the Apple made cables I own. It also surprised me to charge at the same or better rate as the cables from Apple. There is something I would point out the cable isn’t detachable so if the cable was to break you can’t simply go out and buy a new cable for the charger, you would need a whole new charger.

Since we are talking about a cable here, there isn’t much more to say about it. I have used it for over two weeks and have had zero issues with it. It works perfectly, it cost slightly less than Apple’s cable, seems well-built, it just may not work in docks and stands that are specifically designed for Apple cables. Other than that, I see no reason not to buy this cable.


High Quality

Long cable length 3.3ft/1m

12 Month Warranty from OPSO


May not fit most docks or stands