Back a few years ago, I got the Soundcore mini (1st) and I loved this speaker still do I wouldn’t of thought Anker’s audio products wouldn’t of been made into a audio brand ranging from headphones to speakers they’ve been known to me and few as a power bank company for years but then I noticed when I was in the store one day that they had a brand new speaker line that seemed to stand out not just for the price but also the look

Buttons for Bass Boost and Light show have a backlight

As I pointed out in my video I love my new Soundcore Flare but didn’t find much for the app but the lights were a nice touch if you want to impress your friends at a party or get-together. I would of loved if they had Alexa built-in like I saw their sister companies ROAV did with one of their products who knows maybe it’s a simple firmware fix they could give to all of us with this speaker

So do the Power and Bluetooth buttons on the back

When comparing this speaker for it’s sound it was tough since they both sound terrific. I’m a big Edifier audio fan and love my Edifier MP280 Bluetooth speaker both speakers are great and have the same price point depending on what you want. I would go with the Soundflare for a more desktop or table experience while saving the Edifier MP280 for a bike or backpack trip since that speaker has a metal carabiner

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