Today I am going to review a powerbank that can charge a macbook pro from a company called Naztech which sells mobile accessories for the everyday consumer. This usb charging station looks great and helps keep all your devices for business, schools or a large family in one central location.


The laptop power bank costs about $199.99 USD on Naztech as I write this review. So not bad for anyone who wants to use this for camping or traveling on a train without a outlet nearby but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Naztech Volt Power Station with AC Outlet

Provider: Naztech

The Review:


The VOLT takes portable charging to a whole new level. This massive 27000mAh battery features 3 high-speed USB ports and a game-changing built-in AC outlet. Now you can plug in and power any device, any time, from smartphones and tablets to power-heavy laptop computers. Carry a fully-powered wall outlet with you every time you step outdoors! Perfect for students, travelers, business professionals, and commuters who want total access to an exclusive AC power source without the hassle of hunting down available wall sockets. The VOLT is the ultimate charging solution to live, work, and adventure off the grid.

81myUuEPvEL._SL1500_One of my favorite features I liked about the Naztech VOLT Power bank was being able to charge my macbook pro with just a standard us plug unlike my other laptop powerbank’s from Maxoak or Ravpower which require you to use their dc to laptop cables You could also go with that BIG Anker powerbox but that thing looks heavy like a car battery I don’t need anything that big. This Naztech VOLT came in handy when I  lost electricity for a few hours and wanted to charge my macbook after watching a few movies and youtube videos.

91BWeuBvpNL._SL1500_The Naztech VOLT power bank has one of the usb ports which is colored BLUE for Adaptive Fast Charge Technology which dynamically adjusts the voltage output that is delivered throughout the battery charging cycle for maximum efficiency. You get fast, efficient and safe charging as well as reduced overall power consumption. Less wasted power also means less heat, which helps preserve your device’s battery life. There is another USB port that is a normal 2.4amps which is great for charging a tablet  and if you have a newer Macbook then you will be glad to know that the Naztech VOLT has a USB C output port (not a imput) and the last port which is off on the side is a DC port which is for recharging

812+Qo12fTL._SL1500_TheVOLT’s massive 27,000mAh Battery takes only about 4 hours to fully refill, that’s 6x faster than comparable portable batteries and it does have a flashlight which as I said in the video was brighter then other powerbanks with a light   There is eight LEDs that show remaining power I would of preferred a digital display of power like my Ravpower laptop powerbank has

What’s in the Box?

•  AC Wall Charger
•  International Wall Socket Adapter (AU/US/UK/EU)
•  User Manual


So it’s a powerful and useful battery is it even worth it? I would say YES! if you want to have that power so that you can charge anything with a standard plug or usb/usb-c. Overall this powerbank would make the perfect back to school gift for any college/high school kid.