Today I am going to review a rechargeable by USB-C powerbank that can charge a iPad and iPhone from a company called Naztech which sells mobile accessories for the everyday consumer. This powerbank looks great and helps keep all your devices for business, schools or a large family in one central location. The laptop power bank costs about $109.99 USD on Naztech as I write this review. So not bad for anyone who wants to use this for school or traveling where a USB outlet is not nearby but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Naztech 13400mAh 18W USB-C PD Super Speed Portable Power Charger With IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology

Provider: Naztech


What’s in the Box?

• 18W PD Portable Battery

• 30W PD Wall Charger (you can also buy other Naztech USB-C chargers if you need them 

• 12in USB-C Charging Cable (Want a Naztech Braided Cable?

• User Manual


The Review:

Gear Up for the Future! Finally your assortment of clunky power bricks can stay at home while you travel light! The 18W Super Speed Battery is one of the first portable power solutions to feature both USB-C Power Delivery and Adaptive Fast Charge Technology. Combining a massive 13400mAh capacity with a USB-C PD, Adaptive Fast Charge, and high-speed 5V/2.4A USB port, you can charge 3 devices at once, multiple times, at full speed. This single portable battery pack can simultaneously power a compatible laptop, tablet, and smartphone with ease. The USB-C port also features a 18W PD Rapid Recharging Input that recharges the battery twice as fast as other high-capacity batteries. Enjoy the quickest power up possible. This is the Future of Portable Power.

Powerbanks and underwear are just a few things I never leave the house without. Why did I group those two together well it should be second nature by now that having power for your device is a MUST HAVE just as that other thing I mentioned is a GIVEN :).  Look at the many posts on the web about phones dying during the day your battery in your phone isn’t going to last you an entire day if you use it to complete multiple tasks (pictures ,video, email and social media)

This Naztech 13400mAh 18W USB-C PD Super Speed Portable Power Charger With IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology came in handy when I wanted to use my iPad Air to check up on some emails and watch a few videos but found out I didn’t have it on the charger so I plugged in my tablet and within a few minutes I had bit of percent where I could use my tablet to complete those tasks all while the powerbank charged it up it was a fast charge. I was able to get one iPad and one iPhone 5 charge from this powerbank which in my opinion is perfect but if you want some more juice I would go with the Naztech Volt

One of the three ports is a USB-C port with PD (power delivery) what is it? USB-C Power Delivery (PD) is a charging protocol that enables safe, faster charging for a growing range of compatible devices from high-powered laptops, and monitors, to smartphones and tablets. It was created to standardize charging across all future USB devices, reducing the need to have a different charger for each device.


Something I found over the years that most powerbanks tend to over look is the appearance The Naztech 13400mAh 18W USB-C PD Super Speed Portable Power Charger With IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology is made from a full metal casing and is precision-crafted from aircraft aluminum using CNC milling technology and a meticulous anodizing process that creates a strong surface that resists fading and wear.

An added bonus to already awesome battery is the included wall adapter and durable USB-C charging cable both optimized for high-voltage USB-C PD Technology, allowing you to achieve maximum recharging speeds. I don’t think the charger or cable are available for a separate purchase  but there some nice upgrades you could go with which I linked below


So it’s a powerful and useful battery is it even worth it? I would say YES! if you want to have that power so that you can charge anything with a standard plug or usb/usb-c. Overall this powerbank would make the perfect back to school gift for any college/high school kid.