Today I am going to review an underwater camera kit from a company called Wosports believes anyone could be an explorer, this is why we were here and what we have done for our customers who want to be an explorer. There focus is on providing the highest connection reliability, the precision golf and hunting camera and the most easy-to-use fishing tools for managing your spare time life. The camera is listed and sold for $126.99 but just like everything on amazon I’ve seen many different price ranges for this camera,I would use Honey to track down coupon codes or price changes so you get the best price  The camera also comes with Free Shipping if you have Prime  So not bad for the price range but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


  • 7 inch TFT color monitor with sun-visor for bright outside environment.
  • Color CMOS and HD 1000TV lines of the camera, much more clear image than 420TV lines camera.
  • Waterproof design and durable material of the camera body.
  • 12 high-power white LED for camera light source.
  • Perfect video recording function, support up to 32GB Card(package including 4G SD card only).Application:
    Underwater exploration; Ocean/Ice/Lake fishing; Swimming/diving/snorkeling; Well/pipe inspection; Chimney inspection.

    Charger:100VAC-240VAC DC12.6V 2000MA
    The continuous using time of the battery:about 9 hours
    Camera cable length:30m
    Camera light source:12 high-power brightly LED
    Camera angle:92 degree
    Camera image:color
    Monitor input voltage:12VDC
    Operation temperature:-20~60
    Storage temperature:-30~80
    Aluminum-box size:210mm*110mm*120mm
    Net weight:1.5KG

    Package Included:
    1x 7″ TFT Monitor
    1x Camera with cable and wheel
    1x Li-battery
    1x Charger
    1x Set of Metal Clip
    1x Carry Case
    1x User Manual
    1x Float
    1x 4G SD card(built-in camera) 


Product Name: Wosports Portable Underwater Camera System Kit

The Review:

While I am not fisherman I do enjoy the outdoors and very much like this product I am reviewing today since it’s portable and off the grid and no need to have outlet nearby if you have a generator If you have ever watched my Boroscope video reviews this review could be compared to one of those but the only difference is it’s a whole kit with battery and monitor, If you want sound with this camera open up sound recorder on your phone and then if you decide post the video you can then match the video/audio together in editing

My experience as I said in the video below is very clear this camera was great for seeing what was in the lake nearby or if I wanted to look in my air duct to see something. The ability to use the camera is easy plug and play with buttons on the monitor to record or playback via a standard SD card (my unit came with a 5GB sd card even though I think it might of been left over from a customer who might of returned it since it’s a “Xfinity reply sd card”, selecting options on the screen is quite easy once you get used to it. from what I could gather from testing is that you can record video but if you wanted to take a pictures (still image) it wasn’t very clear so I’m assuming it just DVR as the manual states.

The best thing I liked about this camera kit is that if you have another video source view it though this screen and still power the screen with the battery but keep in mind there is no audio but hooking it up as a view screen for your DSLR while recording on the water or outdoors might be another use The kit comes with 4 18650 batteries no battery compartment like I saw in the video below of Wosports other fish camera.

I’ve always liked different portable cameras ever since my very first waterproof camera I got years ago which is still a great camera but that had a fixed battery. The Wosports Portable Underwater Camera System Kit comes with everything you might need no matter the sport or outdoor activity you want to view or record. In terms of packing there is no waste of cardboard and everything is neat inside it’s tough carrying case. The quality of each accessory camera,screen and battery is not bad.


So yes this camera kit is priced affordable for most fishing budgets out there, but is it even worth it? I would say go for it and see if it’s a fit for your needs

Another thing is the video quality didn’t seem to be best but on the display screen it looked ok just seemed like the color went from warm to cool depending on the lighting  the led light connected to the camera is a nice touch for those who need to see in darker waters but keep in mind it won’t be able to see though thick muddy waters.