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It seems like summer barely started and we’re all ready thinking about back to school again. In this blog post I gathered together some of my favorite products I’ve recently reviewed that should be a must have tech that anyone, but mostly those going back to school in the fall for college could use. This list also goes along with a simple pack up friendly desk setup so when you go back home for holiday you can take your desk setup with you no matter where you end up and it won’t take up much room in your luggage







  • Inateck Aluminum USB-C RAID HDD Enclosure Dual Bay- This is must have so you don’t have to relay on cloud drives and can keep your data safe with you without the worry that a cloud drive company is going to go belly up or your going to use up that limited free storage they give you
  • Inateck 17 Inch School/Travel/Business Anti-theft Laptop Backpack- This is perfect backpack and carry on luggage to carry your entire simple desk setup and your clothes/personal care items for school and for travel
  • YESO Laptop BackpackNow if you want a regular school backpack that has a usb port to charge your phone while using it on the outside then I would go with this one (I wish there was backpacks   like this when I was in school that would be so cool
  • Elago Tablet stylus- this is something you may think you don’t need but if you are using a note taking app on your tablet sometimes writing it with your hand just like it was paper might be the faster way this is where a tablet stylus will come in handy
  • Smart Dorm Tech- depending on what you decide Google or Amazon or Apple smart tech like plugs and lights are something that could make your dorm life a bit easier for example have a light turn on at a certain time there are many good reasons smart tech can help you out Take a look at my Smart Home Youtube playlist


  • Get a VPN depending on what you can afford some are free and some are paid VPN’s can help bypass some internet filters on college campus or protecting your ip location. I’ve been enjoying X-VPN which has one of the better free VPN’s out there that are reliable you can also upgrade to a paid VPN

(Review coming soon)

  • Gatekeeper Halberd- security is at the top of list even though I added it to the bottom of this post but I mentioned about protecting your ip location now you must think about protecting your computer if you walk away from your Windows laptop/computer rather then having to re-enter a password each time you can use this product

(review coming soon)

  • Anker Soundcore Flare-I think we covered almost everything besides audio for a great speaker that doesn’t take up alot of room but also is a nice party speaker for all those parties indoor or outdoor you’re going to like this one I recommend from Anker