I’ve tried out many smart light bulbs out on the market now it can be a crazy task to hunt down the right ones something that fits both your needs and wallet. I recently I came across a smart light bulb that has the true color and brightness compared to others

Where ? : Amazon Bestbuy

So you might be thinking “Well how does it work” well like most LED bulbs any wifi or “smart bulbs” you have to download an app like this bulb from eufy the app when I first downloaded the eufy months ago I wasn’t a fan of it but once you have it set up you can always control it with your Amazon Alexa iPhone app. But the eufy app is very easy to grasp within a few mins or less of playing around when download it from the app store I didn’t try it on Android but I can assume it works the same if you are pairing it to work with your Google Home

eufy Lumos Smart Bulb By Anker- White & Color, Tunable White, Multiple Colors, 9W, Works With Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, No Hub Required, Wi-Fi, 60W Equivalent, Dimmable LED Light Bulb, A19, E26


After using this LED Bulb for a few weeks , I wasn’t able to find anything wrong it besides the weight when compared to my many other Smart Bulbs I wish somehow they could have made it a bit lighter I really like this bulb alot I think it’s got the best true color whether using the color or white/yellow options  Another neat thing about this bulb was in the eufy app where I could set the option to pick up sound from my phone to activate the bulb to change colors very useful if you are having a party and last the one thing I was worried about was the bulb creating heat this bulb didn’t create any heat and barely got warm