So do you remember that review on GateKeeper (I posted a LONG time ago), that was their first campaign on kickstarter and a success with 700+ backers. They exceeded there goal then since by 333% and each backer then received a Gen 1 GK-Chain shipped on time. Well they returned to a FULLY FUNDED Kickstarter this past December to introduce Halberd. The world’s most advanced NextGen smart Bluetooth key and lock for automatically locking your PC every time you walk away.

Forget timeout policies, have the GateKeeper and Halberd continuously authenticate your presence and remain signed in. Easily automate HIPAA and CJIS compliance.

What has changed since the GK-CHAIN?

The largest difference is the focus and direction of the GateKeeper platform. The GK-Chain could have simply stopped at locking PCs. However, both the demand and constant threats to our privacy and data have made locking PCs simply a baseline standard.

In 2016, there were 82,000 cyber incidents and over 4,100 confirmed breaches worldwide. These incidents included:

  • access to a system or device and its data
  • extraction, deletion or damage to any form of data
  • disruption of availability of any business operation or service
  • activities causing financial or reputational harm

Even more, astonishing is that 74,000 of these incidents were avoidable. The culprits were typically internal actors making a poor security decision.

With the Halberd and GateKeeper, you no longer have to choose between security and convenience have it and your coffee and donut.

Using Halberd is SUPER EASY.

Very chill and good friend of DPNHTECH, Jamel above using his Halberd to effortlessly log in and out of his computer.

How is Halberd different from GK Chain, GateKeeper 2.5 or the Trident App?

The Halberd is the flagship key fob for accessing your computer. The larger design provides additional power to guarantee improved performance and accuracy without sacrificing battery life.

Untethered Labs, Inc have added an accelerometer for motion detection and a button on the side to lock the computer with a click of a button while in range. It also sports a more powerful processor for faster processing of secure cryptographic key exchange.

The Trident app allows your Android or iOS device with 4.0 Bluetooth to act as the authenticator token. This allows your phone to communicate with the GateKeeper software as if it were the Halberd. Halberd and Trident will be your smart keys for our continuously developing software.

So how does it all work?

In order to use the GateKeeper’s proximity authentication you’ll need the following:

  • 1 Halberd Smart Bluetooth Key or Trident App (the key)
  • 1 USB lock (Included with Halberd) or internal 4.0 BLE chip (the lock)
  • GateKeeper Single-user Authentication Software (the code)

Learn more about GateKeeper on Wikipedia.

Awards and Recognition

Untethered Labs, Inc has also won a few start-up competitions including the TechLaunch Business Accelerator’s bullpen at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Check out the story here.

The New Jersey Technology Council gave not one but two awards to Untethered Labs, Inc. We were judged the Investors’ Choice company and the Best Information Technology Company at an event in May 2017.

Here is how our GateKeeper Software makes the Halberd a potent protection device

Do you use multiple computers at the same time?

If you do, Halberd and GateKeeper Enterprise provides a secure way for you to access all your computers with the same ease as with a single workstation.

Check out how Halberd can log in and out of two computers AT THE SAME TIME!

Do I Need a GateKeeper USB?

In order to use Trident or GateKeeper’s Multi-User feature, the computer must have Bluetooth 4.0. If not, then a GateKeeper USB lock is required.

What about my phone? Of course they have an app for that.

With the Arkham app, you can now lock your Android phone when your Halberd moves away. This instant lock feature can be quite useful if someone snatches your most valuable digital asset while you wait for a taxi. Halberd locks down the phone so that nobody can get your data, and then you can later disable it.

Check out this video to see how moving the Halberd out of range locks the computer and the smartphone.

Computer Access: Check. Web Access? Yes, it’s coming!

Untethered Labs, Inc are introducing a web-credentials management with integrated one-time-password (OTP) based two-factor authentication with the Halberd. The GateKeeper Enterprise software, in conjunction with the Halberd, will allow you to securely access your favorite websites by proximity and OTP based 2FA.

Check out how GateKeeper Enterprise and our web-plugin allows the user to log on to a Bitcoin exchange with one-time-password based two-factor authentication.

Are you a Healthcare professional? Law enforcement official? Work in manufacturing? If yes, this is for you!

Many industries have employees moving from computer to computer all day. Doctors log in and out of computers upwards of 50 times a day. So do law enforcement officials, and manufacturing plant workers, and many others. HALBERD with GateKeeper Enterprise allows you to move from computer to computer, or have many users access the same computer with EASE.

Check out how Lara and Abhinav access the same workstation with their Halberds for short amounts of time. HALBERD gets you in and out quickly without any fuss.

Enterprise-Level Security and Management

GateKeeper Enterprise provides organizations with a centralized management console to administer all Halberds on the network. GateKeeper Enterprise scales from a 5-person office to a 5,000 employee organization with ease. Use the same HALBERD with our enterprise application for work, and the basic application for home!

A Glance into GateKeeper Security:

How secure are GateKeeper and Halberd?

The beauty of GateKeeper is that NO private information is transmitted over the air. Halberd simply acts as a beacon NEVER storing usernames and passwords within the devices.

Are you using encryption?

Yes, GateKeeper’s software uses military-grade encryption to store your credentials using AES-256 encryption using the AesCryptoServiceProvider class that is part of Windows SDK and is FIPS compliant.

They use the PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2) with up to 100,000 iteration counts to generate an encryption key. The key derivation function operates on the GateKeeper Keyfob’s MAC address, a randomly generated SALT, and the user-generated PIN

How are you planning to advance your security?

Blockchain-level security is coming to GateKeeper in 2018. They have also partnered with Stratus Cyber for advanced employee training on cybersecurity best practices. Including confirming are benefits for NIST-800, HIPAA and CJIS compliance.

Check this rig out.

With the support of their KIckstarter backers, the first GK Blockchain applications GateKeeper will be two-factor authentication emails. Every email sent out will carry the “Authenticated with GateKeeper” message so that the recipient knows that the email came from you, and not someone who may have gained access to your account.

Still have questions? Contact Untethered Labs, Inc and they will be sure to help out

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