So you read the recent review over the K-tor Hand crank and you’re thinking “it doesn’t get any better than that” well in this review I will explain to you why I think the K-tor Power Box is even better. So sit back and relax while I give you the break down on one of the coolest and most unique products I have ever reviewed. Not to mention the fast shipping and awesome packaging. Take a peek inside to see the little brother of the K-tor Pedal Generators.


  • Size Folded: 12 in by 5.5 in by 3.5 in, weight 4 lbs 11 oz
  • power output 120 volts DC 20 watts
  • compatible with most portable electronics chargers like cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, etc.
  • Most compact and easily accessible pedal generator on the market.

What does it charge:

  • Smart Phones
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • Droid
  • Blackberry
  • PDA
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera Battery
  • Hand-held Gaming Device
  • Digital Video Camera
  • GPS Navigation Device
  • Rechargeable Light
  • Handheld Radio
  • Kindle
  • Tablet
  • Cell Phone
  • Satellite Phone
  • mp3 Player
  • Flashlight
  • Car Batteries

*Also charges anything that can go in an outlet*

The Review:

So when looking at the pictures and admiring all of the specs about the Power Box, there was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be a long drawn out process to get this thing up and going and working properly. When it arrived and I opened the box I was happy to be presented by one of the easiest instruction manuals I’ve probably ever read when it comes to these type of products. Follow the instruction manual and you will find that with a couple lifts to get the pedals out, a pull of a few pins to get the feet off, and the unclipping of the main unit and you’ve almost got very thing done. After this all you have to do is swing the bottom part of the unit all the way to the top and replace the main unit pin and lock it in, Replace the feet back to the bottom of each sides of the main unit and use all four pins to hold the main unit to the feet, place the pedals on and lock them in, and lastly make sure the socket is pointed away from you. This may seem like a lot, but I was able to do this with ease in about 3 minutes my very first time. Once it’s all set up grab a seat and start pedaling to start charging basically anything you can imagine!

In Conclusion:

This is a very solid product! I was so shocked at the build quality and all of the tiny details represented on the Power Box. I would highly suggest this to anyone who likes to camp, hitchhike, or just the average family for emergencies. There is honestly nothing I can say negative about this product after all the test we have ran it through. It’s a great piece of tech that can also save your life. The price is at $195.00 and it can be a lifesaver for anything that could possibly come your way. Stay tuned for the bigger and better Pedal generator from K-Tor!


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