Today I am going to review a hand-held vacuum from a company called Bestek established officially in 2007, the predecessor of Shenzhen MaoRun Electric Co., Ltd. BESTEK products include automotive accessories, household appliances and electronic products. BESTEK brand has gained a good reputation all over the world. Many BESTEK products were ranked BEST SELLER on Amazon for long time and monthly selling volume over tens of thousands. As a fast developing international Group company, BESTEK has three overseas subsidiaries (US/UK/JP) and six subsidiaries in China mainland. This hand-held vacuum costs $49.99 USD and comes in white with Free shipping if bought on Amazon with Prime, so that’s all you will pay or you can pay only $0.01 if you get it though the Bestek Group Buy Program. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: BESTEK Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Provider: Bestek




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It’s that time of the year and it’s a new year (Happy New Year)  time to clean up after all those family gatherings maybe you don’t feel like doing a full cleaning with the BIG monster vacuum that weighs a ton well today I am going to tell you about a lighter vacuum that still gets the job done by picking up sand,dust and other elements until you want to do a more deeper clean.


As you watched my video below it’s not a loud vacuum but it does still have suction maybe not what you are used but after vacuuming for about 10 mins in my living room and office you can see I picked up enough which I think is about half what my regular vacuum picks up but still the carpet looks clean. When I compared it to another handheld vacuum from another company I don’t think is in business anymore the bestek vacuum came out shining it also lasts longer with the gold vacuum I showed it seemed to only last 5 mins before dying

I do recommend one thing when you get this vacuum the charging cord so you know months and years from now what the cord goes to a carrying bag would have been useful for those small parts and cord but you can always come up with something like that


Even if this vacuum isn’t for you Bestek does sell other vacuums that might be for you at the time of writing this I noticed another vacuum on the Group Buy Program you might want to try it’s not a handheld and it looks like it has a different type of filter then this Handheld vacuum


When I went to look what others were saying about it I couldn’t believe it I have cats and it picked up their car hair quickly so not sure what to say about those reviews but I liked it for a quick clean up I would have liked to see some more color options but for a $50 vacuum it’s not bad





This product is priced affordable, but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you need an easy and lightweight vacuum for cleaning up after a gathering at the house  I like the portability of this vacuum it’s easy to take with you put in-car without taking up a ton of space like a regular vacuum

Handheld Vacuum by BESTEK, Cordless Rechargebale 14.4V Hand Vacuum Cleaner