Today I am going to review a wall charger from a company called AUKEY® they combine the latest technologies with over a decade of hardware expertise to design and build solid, reliable consumer electronics and mobile tech accessories. They’re a team of techies with a common appreciation for the finer details and utility of great products. From USB-C accessories to smartphone lenses to Bluetooth audio products, they’re continuously developing and expanding their product portfolio to bring you practical, next generation tech to complement and elevate your digital lifestyle.

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AUKEY is a top ranked global Amazon seller, and has distribution partners in over 50 countries throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, North and Eastern Europe, and Latin America. We’re committed to creating solid products backed by friendly, responsive service to delight our loyal customers around the world.


The design of the charger is very small unlike one I reviewed last year that was a bit bulky for doing the same thing but the only difference with this one is this is 18W and the other one I reviewed was meant for a Macbook at 60W. I do own a small compact 2 port usb charger designed the same it might be Aukey too I reviewed a while back so memory is a bit foggy but I still use it currently. This charger looks very nice for charging your USB C Smartphone but you might want to get one to support charging your Laptop and other usb c devices that are power-hungry. So how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: AUKEY 18W Power Delivery 3.0 Compact USB-C Wall Charger

Provider: Aukey

At the time of posting there is a coupon

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The Review:

I’ve reviewed many wall chargers from other companies. USB-C is something I’ve seen grown more in the tech field everyday At first I didn’t like the idea of everything I own having to slowly move towards USB-C but after learning about the new Macbooks using USB-C I said “Umm I do like that I can use any USB C cable for a Macbook or phone I wonder if USB-C will come to the bluetooth speaker market one day I’ve already seen USB-C in Bluetooth headphones


The Charger only has one usb c port and isn’t very powerful for USB-C Macbook but I did see a few other chargers AUKEY sells that would be great for charging a macbook and iphone together. The AUKEY 18W Power Delivery 3.0 Compact USB-C Wall Charger doesn’t have any usb port it’s just one usb c port which is nice to charge your phone or  tablet, But something I found is that the same could be done with a usb charger along with a two usb-c cables plugged into this other charger I keep mentioning in this post.


The weight of this charger is a light and not heavy at all  I’m also not a big fan of the Black color for the charger since we all know any product like a car or t-shirt in the summer time that is black holds in heat compared to it’s counterpart color white so if you want that option you’re in luck Aukey sells this charger and priced lower than this black option I am writing about today. Otherwise I used this product for a few days and I have to say it’s still a nice charger for your USB-C tablet or smart phone without any problem. I recently reviewed an affordable Aukey USB-C Powerbank compared to another one I reviewed last year that would be perfect for those times you aren’t near a wall outlet


The AUKEY 18W Power Delivery 3.0 Compact USB-C Wall Charger is priced affordable even better with the coupon I mentioned. So is this charger compared to a few others on amazon even worth it? I would say yes AUKEY is known to have outstanding customer support and have been around the block than most tech accessory sellers on amazon anytime I’ve had trouble they usually help fix the problem it’s a no brainer to save some money and choose AUKEY or you could take the risk and try out another company but that’s your risk which I wouldn’t take when dealing with an already expensive tablet or phone.