Today I am going to review a wireless charger from a company called AUKEY® they combine the latest technologies with over a decade of hardware expertise to design and build solid, reliable consumer electronics and mobile tech accessories. They’re a team of techies with a common appreciation for the finer details and utility of great products. From USB-C accessories to smartphone lenses to Bluetooth audio products, they’re continuously developing and expanding their product portfolio to bring you practical, next generation tech to complement and elevate your digital lifestyle.

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AUKEY is a top ranked global Amazon seller, and has distribution partners in over 50 countries throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, North and Eastern Europe, and Latin America. We’re committed to creating solid products backed by friendly, responsive service to delight our loyal customers around the world.




Product Name: AUKEY Graphite Lite Q 10W Qi Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Provider: Aukey

User Manual 

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The packaging for the charger is simple AUKEY doesn’t want to put too much design on packaging that is just going to be thrown out which is very smart  Inside you will find the charger and a Micro USB cable along with the instructions (which I also added to this post and a TechKEY sticker. In my video review below I mentioned a while back that I am surprised there is no USB-C after a quick check on Amazon, AUKEY does offer a USB-C Fast Wireless Charger so for those who want that item you can get it or stick with the Micro-USB Fast Charger

This wireless charger is very nice and can fit it on almost anywhere and can also be used with a AUKEY Powerbank I tested my AUKEY charger with the fonesalesman adapter to see if my phone would charge but I was having some trouble when I made the review but if you don’t have a wireless adapter then I would say go for it or maybe try the USB-C charger they offer maybe that one will work it’s hard to tell as they both look the same


After using this wireless charger for a few weeks I would of liked this charger to work with my wireless adapter but for the price and thin look and feel I still say it’s a go but I would keep an eye out if it’s reading the QI on the phone as there is no beeps but there is a small light on the charger to help guide you to make sure the device is being charged. This charger still offers the best affordable solution for charging your QI Enabled device